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Nurofen Logo Meaning, Description and History.

Nurofen is a brand name for a variety of over-the-counter pain relievers that contain ibuprofen as an active component. Ibuprofen is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicine (NSAID) that is widely used to alleviate pain, inflammation, and fever. It works by reducing the formation of prostaglandins, which have a role in the body's reaction to injury and inflammation.

The Nurofen logo has a prominent, red, soft-lined wordmark on a light gray backdrop, accompanied with a graphical depiction of a target. The circular icon's red and orange color palette depicts the agony that Nurofen promises to ease. The logo reflects the brand's tagline "Fast targeted relief from pain" and graphically depicts the benefits of using Nurofen when in pain.

This Nurofen Logo is in Transparent PNG format, which means that the logo will blend smoothly with different backgrounds. Download and Enjoy!
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