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Marcos Logo Meaning, Description and History.

Marcos is a British sports car manufacturer founded in 1959 by Jem Marsh and Frank Costin. Marcos cars were known for their distinctive styling, lightweight construction, and racing pedigree. They produced a range of sports cars, including the Marcos GT, Marcos 1800, Marcos Mantula, Marcos Mantis, and others.

The Marcos logo is a horizontally stretched oval with two thin triangles coming out of it at the top and bottom. The emblem's form resembles a four-pointed star. In the center of the oval is a smaller one that repeats its shape, with a vivid blue backdrop and shiny silver lettering of the brand name. The name "Marcos" is derived from the surnames of its founders, MArsh and COStin. The major color palette for the logo is blue and silver, representing the company's reliability and dedication to its consumers, as well as its determination to build high quality automobiles employing all available advancements.

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