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Isdera Logo Meaning, Description and History.

Isdera is a small German carmaker that produces high-performance sports vehicles. Eberhard Schulz created the company in 1969 under the name "INGENIEURBURO FÜR STAHLFORMGEUNG" (Engineering Office for Steel Forming), eventually changing the name to Isdera, which stands for Ingenieurbüro für Styling, Design, and Racing.

The Isdera logo depicts a predatory bird, an eagle, with wings spread and talons ready for action, facing to the right. The eagle is depicted in line with the principles of heraldry, and the logo emphasizes the brand's character and heritage as a private German carmaker specialized in high-performance sports vehicles. The Isdera automobiles logo is an eye-catching expression of vitality and boldness, and it represents the brand's dedication to quality and innovation.

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