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How To Find Your Opay Account Number – Not Your Phone Number

How to find your Opay account number

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Opay, a mobile financial services platform, has grown in popularity in Nigeria due to the wide range of services and numerous benefits it provides to its users. Some of the benefits of using Opay for business will be highlighted in this article as you find out how to check your dedicated Opay account number.

How To Check Your Opay Account Number

Your Opay account number is usually the last 10 digits of the phone number used during user signup or registration. A lot of people don’t know that Opay assigns its users a dedicated account number aside the phone number used during registration. If you’re concerned about the privacy of your phone number like me and wish to transact using your dedicated account number, let’s dive right into it.

Follow these steps to check your Opay account number :

1. Open your Opay app and click on the "Me" tab.

OPAY Dashboard

2. Click on "Pay Me".

Opay Pay Me

3. View and copy your dedicated Opay account number.

OPAY Pay me account number

Finding your Opay account number is not a complex task as it took only a few button clicks to access it. However, Keeping your Opay account number safe and private is important for your financial security.

The Benefits of using an Opay account for business

1. Ease of Use

Opay makes it easy to conduct a variety of financial transactions. You can send or receive money using a simple and memorable account number formed from your phone number.

2. Financial Inclusion

Opay has helped to increase financial inclusion in Nigeria by making financial services available to people who did not previously have access to traditional banking. This is especially useful for businesses to thrive in rural and underdeveloped areas with little financial infrastructure.

3. Transfer Speed

Opay provides quick and easy money transfers within Nigeria. Funds can be sent to other Opay users or bank accounts almost instantaneously. This is very useful for urgent financial demands for your business.

4. Business Services

Opay provides business solutions such as payment processing, point-of-sale (POS) systems, and other financial services. This can assist businesses in simplifying operations and improving customer payment options.

As the platform evolves and expands, it is likely to play a larger role in providing users with efficient and accessible financial solutions.

I hope this article helped you locate your dedicated Opay account number and explore the benefits of having an Opay account for your business.

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