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Tianjin Jinmen Tiger

Tianjin Jinmen Tiger Logo Meaning, Description and History.

The Tianjin Jinmen Tiger logo includes the team's name, nickname, and the year it was created. The shield-shaped design has a roaring tiger in the center, a soccer ball, and the year 1998. The logo is dark blue and light blue, with the team name inscribed around the margins of the shield. This design captures the spirit of the team's identity, representing their name, nickname, and the formation year.

Tianjin Jinmen Tiger Football Club, formerly known as Tianjin TEDA, is a Chinese professional football team that plays in the Chinese Super League. Tianjin's TEDA Football Stadium serves as the team's home venue. Established in 1998, the club is owned by TEDA Holding, a Chinese state-owned company.

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