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Shijiazhuang Gongfu

Shijiazhuang Gongfu Logo Meaning, Description and History.

Shijiazhuang Gongfu FC Logo features the initials "SJZGF" which represents the club's name. The logo also includes the year of establishment of the team. The logo colors comprises of different shades of blue and red. The logo elements are a visual embodiment of the team's name, symbolizing the club's connection to Shijiazhuang and its identity within the realm of Chinese football.

Shijiazhuang Gongfu FC is a Chinese professional football team based in Shijiazhuang, Hebei, that plays in China League One, the second division of Chinese football. The club was formed in 2020 as Hebei Jingying Zhihai F.C. and has changed names several times throughout the years, eventually becoming Shijiazhuang Gongfu F.C. The Yutong International Sports Center in Chang'an District hosts the team's home matches.

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