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Somalia Flag

Somalia Flag Logo Meaning and Description.

Somalia flag has a light blue background with a white five-pointed star in the center. The light blue color indicates the sky, as well as the Gulf of Aden, and the Somali Sea, all of which border the country. The five points of the star reflect the five ethnic Somali countries: Somalia, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Ethiopia's Somali region. On October 12, 1954, Somalia obtained independence from Britain and Italy and became a unified nation, this flag was formally adopted.

The Somalia Flag Logo serves as the visual backbone of the brand’s identity, reflecting the brand’s core values, mission, and ambition in a single, bold symbol. The design components, such as lines and composition, convey trust, dependability, and progressive qualities, and the color palette represents key brand attributes such as sustainability, growth, and authenticity.

Somalia Flag Logo Transparent PNG

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