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Real Noroeste Capixaba

Real Noroeste Capixaba Logo Meaning, Description and History.

Real Noroeste Capixaba logo features an eagle, wheat and football icons on its crest. These elements are symbolic to the football club's heritage and location. The words "Real Noroeste" are centered on the upper part of the crest.

Real Noroeste Capixaba Futebol Clube is a Brazilian football club located in Águia Branca, Espírito Santo state. The club was created on April 9, 2008, and now plays in the Campeonato Brasileiro Série D and Campeonato Capixaba. Real Noroeste has won many titles, including the Copa Espírito Santo (2011), 2013, and 2014. They play their home games at Estádio José Olímpio da Rocha, which has a capacity of 3,200 spectators.

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