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India Flag
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India Flag Logo Meaning and Description.

India flag, popularly known as the "Tiranga," is a tricolor flag with three equal-width horizontal stripes. It was enacted on July 22, 1947, just days before India's independence from British rule on August 15, 1947. Saffron is the uppermost stripe, indicating bravery, sacrifice, and selflessness. The white stripe in the middle represents purity, serenity, and truth. The bottommost stripe is green, indicating the land's fertility, growth, and auspiciousness. A navy blue Ashoka Chakra, a 24-spoked wheel signifying the wheel of time, righteousness, and development, is located in the center of the white stripe.

The India Flag Logo serves as the visual backbone of the brand’s identity, reflecting the brand’s core values, mission, and ambition in a single, bold symbol. The design components, such as lines and composition, convey trust, dependability, and progressive qualities, and the color palette represents key brand attributes such as sustainability, growth, and authenticity.

India Flag Logo Transparent PNG

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